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Classic American
Clothespin Kits

Contents of a kit

An economical way to own Classic American clothespins is to buy one (or more) of our assemble-them-yourself clothespin kits. Each kit gives you one finished clothespin as an example, and the parts for you to assemble 19 more clothespins. So you'll have 20 deluxe hardwood clothespins when you're done.

Click Here for full instructions about finishing and assembling the clothespins in the kit.

Important: Please read our Classic American Clothespin Disclaimer before purchasing our clothespins.

Price Per Kit: $25.95 (plus a flat-rate shipping charge of $6.00)

Availability: Sorry, these clothespin kits are no longer available.

Front view of a Classic American clothespin kit.

Fill your basket with beautiful Classic American clothespins—
that you put together yourself!