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The More Economical Option…
"Factory Seconds" 
Clothespin Kits

This is a "factory seconds" clothespin kit

In the course of selecting clothespin halves for our Finished Clothespins and the  economical Assemble-Them-Yourself Classic American 20-clothespin kits, we select out pieces that are "irregular." The wood may have a small chip, or a rough side, really funky grain, or some other irregularity. Some of the halves may have a finish on them but most of them are raw ash hardwood. These "factory second" pieces are solid and useable so we are making them available in these "factory seconds" kits.

The kits contain 60 hardwood clothespin halves and 25 Classic American stainless steel springs. Unlike with our 20-clothespin kits, these factory second kits do not have a finished sample clothespin and sandpaper—it's just wood pieces and springs. 

Your job is to select the 50 best wood halves, then sand and finish them as explained At This Link. When you're done, you'll have 25 irregular, but still very attractive, and perfectly functional, Classic American clothespins.

Important: Please read our Classic American Clothespin Disclaimer before purchasing clothespins.

Price per 25-clothespin kit: $22.95 (postage paid in the U.S)

Availability: Sorry, these clothespin kits are no longer available.